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Welcome to your new home. You’ve just landed on a new planet, and there’s a bit more life than you expected. These creatures sure are cute – but they’re mean, too. And the further down you go, the meaner they get. Jump in and see if you can solve their puzzles and escape with their treasure!I made Gravitas with the intent of creating a platform game that does things a bit differently from the norm. I generally think of a platform game as one where the player goes on a journey from the far left to the far right side of the screen, crossing several enemies and obstacles along the way, and ultimately making their way to the objective at the end. I wanted to make something more than that – something that makes the player run around in every direction, backtrack, and avoid threats that can’t always be simply destroyed.I have many content creators to thank for the assets used in this game. You can find the full credits at:http://transmedia.trinity.edu/~hholmes/Gravitas/Credits


Arrow keys to move – up to jumpDouble jump enabledSpacebar to swing sword


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