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Level 1When you get to a question type the answer and do the parkourLevel 2Dodge the lava and click on the correct answerYay it is a fun game please play lots and lots INSTRUCTIONS [...]
Dot vs Squares is a simple but very addictive game built with Construct 2. The goal is to move your dot, collect other dots to increase score and avoid squares.Prove that you are t [...]
80s Style Retro Platformer game with a ninja warrior kid and his friends.Welcome to the super world of zombies and monsters of Halloween Land. Zombies have found a way from another [...]
Help Yie collect gems in this intense rope-swinging infinite runner!*this is my first game! I appreciate any/all feedback! :D* INSTRUCTIONS Aim of the game: to swing through the ga [...]
Keep those Zombies at bay in The Zombie Trap™: Tapped In™!Other Giggle Software™ Ltd. Titles:• Just Jump Up!™ Classic• Just Jump Up!™ Classic: The Warp• The Zombie Trap™: SurvivalG [...]
Jump on the platform, accelerate down, don't touch on Saws!Go to the top, become the leader of the world ranking!Play IOS:!/id1050515626Play A [...]
Is Leaf?AiggggggggggYEEEEEEMM????????????????????????????????????????? INSTRUCTIONS Is Leaf?AiggggggggggYEEEEEEMM?????????????????? TAGS
Prime Mover v1.2StoryA mining research facility on Mars' moon Phobos has lost contact with Earth.The station is to be decommissioned, that's where you come in...ObjectiveIt [...]
Psycho Driver is an action game in which your only goal is to get the biggest amount of money! How much will you get?Feel free to suggest changes and to comment.*All musics and sou [...]
The Alienoids spread over 5 planets various stolen gemstones from planet Earth. These stones are sources of a special type of energy used on many planets. Your mission: bring back [...]