Category: Action


Drive your taxi through the crazy streets of Jordan and avoid as many obstacles as you can along the way INSTRUCTIONS Family is very important to Jordanians and you should not miss [...]
Load your monkey into the cannon and prepare for takeoff in Monkey Blast! Aim, load, & blastoff through orbit to see how far you can fly while avoiding obstacles and gaining power- [...]
Drive your car to reach the finish line as fast as possible and also safely, without causing damage. Collect coins to gain more score. Try to complete all the levels quickly to sco [...]
est your keyboard skills by pressing the right buttons and climb at the top of this five-storey tower.Climb up the tower by grappling to the letter hooks, collect coins to gain tim [...]
Catch the falling flakes before they build up too much and bury your shovel!(Inspired by bubble pop game in Level Zero book). INSTRUCTIONS Move the mouse to move your shovel. Miss [...]
Sawbucks is the new trending tv show! Try to collect as many bundles of bucks as you can.Get rich or... INSTRUCTIONS Use arrows to move. That's all ! TAGS
My game is all about getting through to the next level and making it through to the other side and dodging the pieces of platform that are rotating and trying to finish all the way [...]
Avoid spikes, gushing pipes, and goo monsters as you escape a radioactive lab! Can you find your way to freedom outside? INSTRUCTIONS Arrows to move. Space to punch. You can (and s [...]
Move the blue cart and pick all green items then return using the fewest moves. INSTRUCTIONS [arrow keys] - Movement with tracks[WASD] - Movement without tracks[Spacebar] - Pick[R] [...]
A platforming games for our project. This game is about a viking adventure. INSTRUCTIONS Title: Path of Forsaken. Gameplay: W,A.D, J. TAGS