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DiscoShip™ is an Asteroid Destroyer remake by GGO Studios™! There will also be an Android version available on Google Play! INSTRUCTIONS Use the arrow keys to move, and spacebar to [...]
FunShooteraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa INSTRUCTIONS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa TAGS
Use your water balloons to defend yourself from the other team. You're surrounded! INSTRUCTIONS W, A, S and D to moveAim with mouseThrow water balloons with left mouse buttonUs [...]
Jump from platform to platform for as long as possible. Careful though, not all platforms are stable. INSTRUCTIONS Arrow keys to move and jump, hold up to jump higher. TAGS
el juego es construido por juan perez y surve para festejar la navidad INSTRUCTIONS debes saltar y debes ganar las fundas de caramelos parecido al mario pero distinto TAGS
Move the blue cart and pick all the green items using the fewest moves and the least amount of energy, and then return. INSTRUCTIONS [WASD] - movement without tracks[Arrow Keys] - [...]
Make it to the end and collect the power stone and save the world! INSTRUCTIONS left and right arrows to move up arrow to jump, press twice to double jump TAGS
A quirky and curiously addictive arcade game INSTRUCTIONS Choose "instructions" from the in-game menu - it's much more clear with visuals! TAGS
Try not to get hit by the missiles! You have three lives on this game. Look at the instructions on how to play this game. INSTRUCTIONS right arrow- to go rightleft arrow- to go lef [...]
Try to dodge the missiles.I hope you enjoy my game. INSTRUCTIONS To go right press the right arrow key.To go left press the left arrow key. TAGS