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Play in Chrome Browser recommended.Microsoft Edge Browser seems to be slow.Or Download free on Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft storeHumanity is under threat, proceed and engage th [...]
Charge up and move at lightning speed through many challenging levels. You will need great timing and concentration to get to the end!Thank you for playing, any feedback is appreci [...]
Now on Android: linkEat the bugs to make the score go up.The rules are simple - touch the screen and the sausage goes up, don't touch the screen and it will go down.There are 3 [...]
Collect the keys and pass all of the levels to complete the game INSTRUCTIONS D to the - leftA to the - rightspace bar - jumpleft arrow key - left right arrow key - rightup arrow k [...]
Red Tie Runner is a simplistic, yet challenging, reflex-based, 2D platforming game. Play as a stickman with a red tie to dash and jump your way through obstacles. Features 30 inten [...]
Dreams and Reality is a personal hand drawn platformer about climbing your dreams.-- Soundtrack --Dreams and Reality's soundtrack is available on Bandcamp! It includes high qua [...]
ALL SOUND EFFECTS IN THE GAME ARE TRUMPS ACTUAL VOICE *CRY FACE EMOJI X 1,000,000* A lot of the time these types of games state that the creator doesn't support or appose trump [...]
Epic PlatformerBy using this template you can quickly create a super cool platformer game.The template contains a lot of ready-to-use logic. You just need to build levels and perha [...]