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Seu objetivo em Clonificator é alcançar o maior número de cópias possíveis sem que nenhuma delas colida. Atualmente em 1.5 [Suporte a Mobile, Mais Nív [...]
Made at the summer camp, Game Camp USA, during the summer of 2015. Use one of four original heroes as part of the "Knights of Jakusa" to defeat the evil in the land.www.G [...]
Dodging won't be enough to get you through the Clash of Cubes, use strategy with your specially designed color shifter to make it to the final stage. INSTRUCTIONS A Shift BlueS [...]
Explore the space and collect all trophies through its energy platforms avoiding dangerous traps on your way! Try to hold on as long as possible in a space race! INSTRUCTIONS Touch [...]
Help Pedro reach Construct 2! Watch out, boring non-Construct 2 things will attack you! INSTRUCTIONS Use Arrow Keys..... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) TAGS
your a super cool purple moon and you kill letters INSTRUCTIONS aim at letter and press the corresponding letter on your keyboard to kill itpress space for special attack TAGS
In this pixel art adventure, you play as Billy, a jetpack vigilante trying to infiltrate corporate skyscrapers to retrieve money stolen by a ruthless bankers organisation. The sett [...]
A prince against a sorcerer to save a princess. A classic. But our prince is going to have a little surprise that will completely change his... point of view.This game, which is ou [...]
Tap to avoid.. its that simple. Avoid the obstacles and try to survive! My High Score is 158 What's Yours? INSTRUCTIONS Use mouse and click on the background to move left or ri [...]
Védd meg a hazád! Egyre több a bevándorló, és egyre több a provokátor. Pintér Sándor segítségével végre rendet [...]