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WARNING : CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTSArt/Music/Sound/Game by C. 'transient' Martin ( So the Game Has Gone (The Game) EP 01 isThe adventures of a star [...]
NOTICE:I have stopped developing in construct 2. If enough people email me at, I might consider making another (more polished) version. I would also be willi [...]
You are a spaceship on a hunt for another spaceship that you are mad at for some reason. Go find them and destroy them! INSTRUCTIONS Arrow keys: MovementSpacebar: Hold to fire TAGS
Dodge asteroids and space debry, fight space cyclop squids and safe abandoned astronauts drifting in space! Unlock new ships!Check out this game in the Google Play Store for mobile [...]
In the year 2124, human health is monitored by “PhDs”, or personal health droids. These nanobots are injected into the blood stream at birth and travel throughout their human host [...]
************ NEW VERSION WITH MISSIONS **************Try to reach the 20th Level and Unlock a must Have Bonus!!!!****************************************************Help Woody, the [...]
Myopia is a game where you play an eyeball who destroys ghosts by looking at them.Arrow Key or WASD to play. Up and down changes the shape of your vision, left and right rotates. I [...]
You are Urt Bloodless, Orc Diplomat. Bring and end to war using your trusty hammer!Action platformer. You are on a mission of peace, so you can't kill you enemies directly. Ins [...]
Top view scrolling space shooter similar to 80's space shooters. Beautiful graphics - designed to run on just about everything. Best Score, game save/ resume, Levels and a star [...]
Fight as the Ranger through the hordes of Skeletons and Ogres. INSTRUCTIONS Touch or click on the map to make the ranger move.Distance from enemy determines the sword or bow.Increa [...]