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This game took 3 years to make, i had to sell my dog, billy. My daughter, she was very very sad, so please guys enjoy this masterpiece of the gaming industry! and please don't [...]
Collect the coins and get to the door, but you need the key to open the door. INSTRUCTIONS Up JumpLeft move leftRight move right TAGS
Com apenas alguns clicks, aprenda o nome das cores e dos números em inglês. Estude e divirta-se! INSTRUCTIONS Click com o botão esquerdo do mouse para executar as fu [...]
A simple game to test your accuracy with the mouse. INSTRUCTIONS Try to click on the orange ball without seeing the mouse position. It's a lot harder then it sounds. TAGS
An infinite jumper 4 my mate birthday INSTRUCTIONS Left to go left, right to go right TAGS
A space-themed pinball game which has support for both mobile and desktop. INSTRUCTIONS [leftArrow] - activate left flippers[rightArrow] - activate right flippers[downArrow] - shoo [...]


Its first game for lydria.Its a free sexe game and its a copy of flappy bird. INSTRUCTIONS Espace for "jump" and go up. TAGS
A simple and fun game for your free timeGerdi is a game that you should try to get points by collecting the balls (gerdis!) that match the color of the background and avoid the bal [...]