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Mutalisk: Alien Gun Simulator DEMOToy Guns - Gun Simulator Features:- 10 ammo to test fire- high resolution graphics- realistic toy guns sounds- unlimited ammunition- ideal for kid [...]
Slomo is a very simple game anyone can pick up and play. The goal is to dodge enemies by slowing down time. By tapping and holding down the screen, the whole world slows down, exce [...]
Make Justin Bieber dodge microphones cause you know what happens when he gets his hands on amic INSTRUCTIONS Press any key to make Bieber fly TAGS
Small joke game, play both minigames "Stairway to heaven" and "Highway to hell" cause you know sometimes words have two meanings this game is another of my word [...]
A classic brick game.4 levels are made in 1 layout.You can download the capx. INSTRUCTIONS left and right left and rightR restart TAGS
This is sheet challenge game. just for fun. INSTRUCTIONS farward=up arrowbackward=down arrowturn left=left arrowturn right= right arrow TAGS
This is my implementation of the game of life in construct 2!What is the game of life?'s_Game_of_LifeHow to play? [...]
Drawing Game Template , contains 5 characters ready to use,2 styles, 4 shapes, 5 brush sizes, 3 tools, 32 colors pallet.Full commented events, no custom plugins, 200 events. optimi [...]
Yet another Game Template from GamecorpStudio, Pinball Game Template made in 100 Events.Custom Graphics ! Mobile Ready, Automatically detects if game is on mobile platform or Deskt [...]
Frenzy Fish Game Template You are small fish, and eat other smaller fish or same size, to grow bigger bigger, and bigger, till you later are the bad boy in the house!New UpdateVers [...]