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returning from the salon after a facial, tinkerbell finds her car all muddy and dirty and definitely in need of a wash. INSTRUCTIONS Use mouse to interact TAGS Cartoons, Other, Ski [...]
Fly and catch fishes. Catch fishes as per target to complete the level. Avoid the enemy fishes, as it ends your game. Have Fun by catching fishes INSTRUCTIONS Use Mouse To Interact [...]
zoe hurt herself while playing and had cuts and bruises on her legs and goes to the spa for treatment. you should clean her legs, apply creams and make her legs look normal again. [...]
Cute Little Dora has to go out to meet her best friend. She needs your help to look beautiful. Do Facial for her and also select the best dress. Go ahead and do it. INSTRUCTIONS Us [...]
baby rapunzel has got flu as she got wet in the rain. check her body temperature and give her a syrup and injection. care and treat her well and also select the best dress for her. [...]
An Artist tells his student that he will lock him up in the house and challenges him to find ways and means to escape. Can you help him. INSTRUCTIONS Use mouse to interact TAGS Esc [...]
A simple game of catching eggs.I was bored and I made this in 3 hours.Developed by a kid. Expect a bad quality game INSTRUCTIONS A - Move leftD - Move rightMove the nest to catch t [...]
genareat fru rawbyxzda ststem getz ur usser naem and ads da rawbkux INSTRUCTIONS Jast ad da numbar of rawnbluxz aaaaand prez ganerate TAGS
Accomplish Big Lenny's dream of getting with Christina Broccolini, and at the same time get some cardio in to get stage-ready! INSTRUCTIONS not very hard, just use the arrows T [...]
Streamlines Adding Watermarks To Photos! Import a Logo, a Background, Position and save. INSTRUCTIONS Use The File Chooser To Load A Logo, Use A Transparent .Png File For Best Resu [...]