Category: Puzzles


Swallowed by a giant monster, lost in a maze of flesh and bones, find the exit and save his beloved.If you would like a new version of Meat Cave click the link [...]
Connecting pipes to reach the outlet so the water can flood the screen. Source pipe can be rotated like other pipes so it facing to different direction. Make certain tip of pipe to [...]
Move and rotate blocks to link them with laser beams and find the paths!The levels get harder as new types of tiles are introduced.This is a lighter version of Lazer Links - Block [...]
You shoot them in da balls m8 be mlg lik dat moutain dew over dare this desccription is over so go and eat sum doritos because day r awesome bruh dis game is da bomb INSTRUCTIONS s [...]
Simple Stacking game. Try to get all the blocks stacked as high as you can. How high can you get? CapX can be downloaded down below.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [...]
A simple jigsaw puzzle with forty nine pieces to put together. The pieces are randomly placed and rotated on the right of the screen.Thanks for playing. INSTRUCTIONS Drag and drop [...]
Save the little guy from the meteors that will fall by using the boxes available.Images:Kenney INSTRUCTIONS Click boxes in top right, Drag and Drop to place TAGS
Play as DigBunny, collect as many carrots as you can and give them to DugMole, but beware of the dangers in your path! Worms, rocks and even foxes can take your pinky happiness awa [...]
Oldschool billiard-like puzzle game. INSTRUCTIONS Press and pull to aimRelease to shotObjective is to put all colores discs to holes TAGS