Category: Shooting


A game for you to get distracted. INSTRUCTIONS CONTROLS:Keyboard arrows move the characterMouse: Look and left button shootR: Reload the weapon TAGS
FIRST PERSON ZOMBIE SHOOTERThis is a full 3D first person shooter template for Construct 2 with zombie theme.Main features:- Time-based skeletal animation [Enemy models].- Name-bas [...]
Start the alien invastion by destroying buildings and turrets. How long can you survive? My first game. Hope you enjoy. INSTRUCTIONS Use arrow keys and WSAD to move the alien ship. [...]
This game is sure to have you at the edge of your seat as you narrowly miss being attacked by a zombie or when you get trapped in a corner and it looks like game over. Can you mast [...]
Shoot arrows on the birds to get coins and upgrade your bow and arrow to survive INSTRUCTIONS Hold the mouse left button to shoot arrowsPress 'P' to pause TAGS
ULTRALAZER is a defense game similar to Missile Command. Only harder. INSTRUCTIONS hold mouse pointer to charge attack. The charge is equal to the distance it travels. The position [...]
DroneBot Shooter created by Super Svetoslav. INSTRUCTIONS [w] Forwards[s] Backwards[a] Left[d] Right Mouse - Shooting TAGS
Addicting Sci-Fi Space Shooter on you have to destroy all that you can like asteroids, meteors and enemies.Collect all kind of powerup! lives, shield, megablast and pieces to unloc [...]
Survive the illuminati invasion as long as possible!!!.first round get 25 points and than go to the next level.Fight the mario-minati and kill him u fagit,survive as long as possib [...]
Nasty bugs have cut off Mr. Carcass TV-connection. That was a bad mistake because Mr. Carcass’ and his friends’ favorite TV-show "Bold love" (Action soap opera) will begi [...]