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DORA dreamed up a flying castle, there was so beautiful,DORA decided to find the temple, in the game to help others can get information of the castle. INSTRUCTIONS Mouse to play. T [...]
Dora like to eat all kinds of dessert snacks, often overeating, increased weight, eat after exercise, leading to appendicitis, have to do surgery cut, you as a good doctor, help Do [...]
Brazil's rainforest emergence of a mysterious Mayan pyramids.Smart as you,can you help Dora to solve all of the puzzles and find the treasure of the Maya? INSTRUCTIONS Mouse to pla [...]
Dora and Boots to adventure in Egypt. But Dora was cursed by Pharaoh, become a mummy. Let us help her to surgery! INSTRUCTIONS Mouse to play TAGS Dora
Play this fun and cute board game with Dora, Match these funny candys to win! You will find challenging new levels in this game. Have fun and match 3! Dora is fun and playful! INST [...]
Join Dora in Adventure Jump Game. Help Dora to cross the river by moving the wood. Be careful, don't let Dora to drown INSTRUCTIONS Use mouse to interact. TAGS Cartoons, Other, Ski [...]
lot of images appeared on the screen. You decided which image that comes to make perfect appearances of the image INSTRUCTIONS Using the mouse you can play this game .Time limit is [...]
Little Dora is suffering from severe tooth problems and has come to you for treatment. Clean her teeth, drill the holes, remove bad teeth, plaque, etc. After treating her teeth pro [...]
Help Dora find 3 plates with healthy food for each meal of the day. Find out what Dora likes to eat in the morning, afternoon and at dinner.All looks yummy but if you give Dora 2 u [...]
Cute Little Dora has to go out to meet her best friend. She needs your help to look beautiful. Do Facial for her and also select the best dress. Go ahead and do it. INSTRUCTIONS Us [...]