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The most Fierce Fighting, Goku again on a series of war enemies, help him put them down! INSTRUCTIONS 1P:AD move,J attack,K jump,L prepare skill,U/I/O skill;AA/DD dash,S+A+J big sk [...]
Tower Panic! is a a fast paced action game in the defense genre. The tower is under attack, and you must defend it against the attacking ninjas and dragons. INSTRUCTIONS Click to d [...]
Fight your way through the medieval age in this Amazing and Fun platform game. INSTRUCTIONS Find instructions inside TAGS knights, medieval, castle, catapult, bow, biker, spear, ce [...]
You are Liu Kang. One of the strongest character of game world. You have rocked mortal kombat. But now is big challenge. You are caught in the nightmare of endless dragons. INSTRUC [...]
In this game, your task is to guide the dragon to reach another dragon at the end of the game. Be careful you should not hit with other obstacles else your health will decrease. Co [...]