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Help Transformer to protect the earth. INSTRUCTIONS A: AttackS: use dagger after level 2D: DefenseArrow keys to move. TAGS robot, fight, transformers
Arkanoid Defender is based on the popular Arkanoid game. You need to control the bouncing ball using a paddle. The paddle can be moved by mouse. There will be an infinite wave of U [...]
Shoot All the Enemy to win the level INSTRUCTIONS left key to move leftright key to move rightdown key to move downup key to move upupSpace key to shoot TAGS Fight, enemy, shoot, f [...]
Fight against Spiderman's enemies Dr. Octopus, Lizard, Green Goblin, Venom and more. Win 1 VS 1 battle to all your opponents to prove who rules the city. Fight alongside your favor [...]
Ancient ninjas has returned from their dark prison to the living world and as often happens you are the only one who can save the world from being destroyed and ruled by evil. So g [...]
In Lydonia was made a military coup. You have been sent to the group of tank unit with a view to peace in this Middle Eastern country. You will have: - 12 levels in three locations [...]
An old school round beat'en up with a unique graphics style. INSTRUCTIONS move your character with the arrow keys. use the key J to throw punches and the key M to throw kicks. TAGS [...]
Protect your base from the enemies and kill all tanks to clear a level. 1 player or 2 player mode. Get Upgrades. INSTRUCTIONS Player1 : W,A,S,D keys + H key to shoot. Player2 : Arr [...]
Struggle through the menacing waves of darkness and creatures in a journey to seek the light in this tower defense style game. Use various unique and different weapons as your arse [...]