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Mister Tardy Jumping Down is a simple, addicting and challenging arcade game. In this, Tardy is standing on a floating platform. Each time you click, the floating platform will dis [...]
You jump from platform to platform. INSTRUCTIONS Jump - space bar. TAGS jump, fun, adventure games, clarence, sumo, jeff, 1 player, flash, cartoon network, mary, chad, girls, arcad [...]
Have fun with this new challenge in 20 intense levels and help the bear make it to the finish line in one piece. He rides his motocross through his favorite place, the woods. There [...]
Two mighty ninjas train in a game of ninja dodge ball! Hit the ball back and forth or jump over it to confuse your opponent! Hit the ball as many times as you can, with each hit th [...]
The dropling got into trouble he asked for help him survive. INSTRUCTIONS Use the Arrow Keys (or WASD) to move, go inside the tunnel to come up from the other.Collect all coins to [...]
Strechy bro's will sacrifice each others for the greater good. Help the Strechy bro's reach to the end. INSTRUCTIONS Use arrow keys to move. Use space bar to stretch, go to the end [...]
Little Box has lost his father to the mean, triangle and Octagon, they have come unannounced and taken the big box.You must help the little box rescue his father from the mean tria [...]
Chick is out of the egg. Help him survive the harsh environment in the surroundings. INSTRUCTIONS Use the "Up Arrow" key to make the chick Jump. Dont fall off. When Cat chases the [...]
Unlock the mystery of Anna and unveil the reason why are you in a place where death iswelcomed as the main guest. INSTRUCTIONS TAGS platform, jump, platformer, retro, pixel, arcade
Drive your taxi through the dangerous streets, and try your best to not get into a crash, pick up enough start and jump over the vehicles in your way. Good luck! INSTRUCTIONS Instr [...]