Tag: retro

Unlock the mystery of Anna and unveil the reason why are you in a place where death iswelcomed as the main guest. INSTRUCTIONS TAGS platform, jump, platformer, retro, pixel, arcade
You are the outlaw who has to escape from the police, this will be though but possible. Fight yourself to the finish and do not get caught. INSTRUCTIONS Mouse to aim and left click [...]
A great remake of the original brick breaker introduced by Atari in 1976, brick breaker was a huge hit and we hope that you enjoy our version! INSTRUCTIONS Control the paddle at th [...]
Help Flappy Whale swim through the ocean, the farther you swim the higher your score will be. INSTRUCTIONS Click your mouse to swim. TAGS Flappy Whale, Retro, Flappy Bird, Swim, Ac [...]
Help Violet scape from her nightmare, fight monsters, collect powerups and survive. INSTRUCTIONS Use Arrow keys to move, jumpuse X to use the flashlight Use Enter to pause the game [...]
Lost somewhere in the galaxy, you have to push blocks to make your stand against an alien world to find a way home. Timing is everything when you have to avoiding alien lifeforms, [...]
Play Crazy Bird, a retro clone of the famous Flappy Bird game.Fly the bird as far as you can without hitting the pipes. The farther you fly, the higher your score will be. INSTRUCT [...]
Blokk Party is a colorful retro block breaker game with power-ups, power-downs, and power-phase features and a leaderboard. INSTRUCTIONS Left and Right Arrow to control the paddle. [...]
Guide the Retro runners as they run and jump their way through an endless horde of enemies and hazardous obstacles. INSTRUCTIONS Up and RIGHT for player one.W and D for player two. [...]
SBACE is a retro VHS inspired space defense game, where instead of controlling guns or ships you control an asteroid field with your mouse. INSTRUCTIONS Click or hold your mouse to [...]