Tag: two-player

Guide the super gunners as they run and gun their way through and endless horde of enemies. INSTRUCTIONS WAD for player one.UP arrow, LEFT arrow, RIGHT arrow for player two. TAGS S [...]
Take control of the crazy lucha and out run the wave for as long as possible! INSTRUCTIONS Arrow keys for player one.WASD keys for player two. TAGS Runner, two-player, arcade
Guide your player by taking control of the candy path, and collect as many rainbow drops as you can, watch out for those nasty bombs! INSTRUCTIONS UP and DOWN for player one.W and [...]
No lives left, and down to your final health bar, do you have what it takes to defeat THE FINAL BOSS? Action packed game with multi-player option. INSTRUCTIONS A to switch gravity. [...]
Collect those bubbles and dodge those scary ghosts in this fun two player arcade game. INSTRUCTIONS ARROW KEYS for player one.WASD for player two. TAGS Collect, two-player, arcade
Collect 4 birds of the same colour to increase your score and time, in this arcade style, puzzle / running game. INSTRUCTIONS Player one uses the A key. Player two uses the UP arro [...]